The use of side menu on many pages

I have several pages:
login, account, messages and more.

login page - is a simple page with a form to login so it has no side menu.

annount page and messages page have content and side menu, so I dont want to duplicate my codes, how do handle that with 2 different views.

this is my code for routing and the index html


<body ng-app="bloompy" class="bloompyBg">

<div id="main" ng-controller="mainController">

    <!-- angular templating -->
    <!-- this is where content will be injected -->
    <div id="wrapper" ng-view></div>



and the app.js

app.config(function($routeProvider) {

        // route for the home page
        .when('/', {
            templateUrl : 'pages/main.html'

        .when('/login', {
            templateUrl : 'pages/login.html'

        // route for the about page
        .when('/spot', {
            templateUrl : 'pages/spot.html'

        // route for the contact page
        .when('/profile', {
            templateUrl : 'pages/profile.html'

Just to verify, you are trying to use the same side menu code, and just change the content template?

yes, but I should have another page with no side menu at all…