The problem about HardBackButton in android

Hello guys, I have a question about hardwareBackButton when I press it on the android device.

when I updated to ionic/vue version of 5.9.1 up or higher like ionic v6. Suddenly when I pressed the HardwareBackButton, android devices help me return 2 times, not only 1 time. ( it’s means turning back 2 pages, not only one when just press one time.)

and I didn’t set any about hardwareBackButton on my code except to turn off app functionality.

I don’t know which problem make that happen. So I write this post wanna know have someone even like me had the same problem?

Do you have a GitHub repo I can clone to see the issue?

Hello @ldebeasi, to begin with, thank you for spending time replying to my post.

In addition, I am so sorry I can’t public my project because my project is working with a commercial company.
I guess maybe about the package problem. The reason I said that before I updated, the hardwareBackButton was normal, so I think the only way I should figure it out is by myselft.

thank you for spending time to see and answer my post.

I found the problem issue why when I press hardwareButton that make my page go back 2 times.

It’s because I was using in side my App.vue project.

    <template #default>

    <template #fallback>
        <div class="app-loading">Loading...</div>


Just remove Suspense and avoid using it inside ionic vue, everything back to normal.
I doubt maybe unable to use with app mobile. Because I had tried in my browser that work normally.