The name 'Facebook' was not found

I am migrating a V3 app to V4 ionic
I have a little problem that is weird, The name ‘Facebook’ was not found in constructor but I have everything that is correct

import { Facebook } from '@ionic-native/facebook';
constructor (public fb: Facebook,)

someone would have an idea of the problem?

thank you in advance

I read your headline and smiled, because I would love to imagine a world in which it was true.

That being said, when using @ionic/angular (IOW Ionic 4), you need to add an extra /ngx on the end of your native imports:

import {Facebook} from '@ionic-native/facebook/ngx'

great, thank you :blush:
in addition I already had the problem and I had already given this solution but am a little head in the air :sweat:

facebook is everywhere so difficult to miss except in our dreams