The mysterious case of missing notification settings

Hey all, all of a sudden, when I go to notifications menu in iOS, I don’ see any way to enable push notification sound for my app and nor do I see any way to change alert style. I’ve tried re-installing/removing/recompiling - nothing works. I know it worked a few days ago, and I have no idea what changed.

Here is the image in notification center

I am receiving push notifications, but have no idea why these options disappeared. Any thoughts?

Here is how my app is initing the push setup

function pushInit()
                 var push = PushNotification.init(
                    { "android": 
                     { "ios": 
                     {"alert": "true", 
                      "badge": "true", 
                      "sound": "true"}

I am using APNS dev certificates and in my provisioning profile using which I compiled the code, I have Push entitlement enabled

Problem solved - I had extra "{"s in my definition above