The connection to the server was unsuccessful(with Laravle cms)

i order a source shop from Codecanyion who created by Ionic Framework
when i build install CMS and build android and run app show this message: “the connection to the server was unsuccessful. (file ///android_asset/www/index.html)”

every time show only withe screen

please help me

can you provide more information, like the structur of the files or/and your ionic info output?

PS: Please note that this isn’t the support forum for Codecanyion’s Products - we are happy to help everyone but we as community nor the ionic team is responsible for anything you bought from third parties - keep that in mind. (no offense, please keep asking all you question here)

That’s why we don’t know exactly what your problem is, we don’t all have bought or know the product you are refering too(you also don’t provided a link - do you mean this?).

So please provide more information or search for your error the connection to the server was unsuccessful. (file ///android_asset/www/index.html) on google or this forum.

probably not by but instead with