The built in fade-in animation flickers

In my view I have set up a div like this:

<div ng-if="slowShow">
    <button>BLAH BLAH</button>

And here is a part of my controller:

    $scope.slowShow = true;
}, 2000)

When I show my div I want it to animate with a fade in animation. But it just flickers twice. I tried fade-in-not-out. it works ok on browser and emulator. But flickers on real devices.

Any work around will be helpful. May be other animations like pop-in would also be a good replacement to flickery fade-in

I recognized the same behaviour on my devices.

E.g. fading in the ionicModal.

Bye, bengtler

Yeah! When will the Ionic team solve this?

Hi guys @bengtler / @siddhartha Do you solve this ?

No, but hopefully the ionic team take a look into it. :wink:

Keep in mind ionic is still in the beta.

@Norwill Yeah the solution is here: Fade-in animation flickers on rel devices