Textarea full height in modal


since AlertController does not support textareas, I am building a simple modal for textarea inputs. However, I have an issue when trying to make the textarea the full height of the modal (excluding the header). I have set ion-textarea and the inner textarea with CSS to 100% height, but when selecting it the textarea shrinks to a quite small size and half of the content is hidden and scrolling is impossible.

Any ideas? Is there already some component which covers this or a tutorial?



I used Angular2 Elastic to get a similar effect. The textarea automatically grows as the user types more. Not exactly what you’re looking for but it may help solve your issue.

import { Elastic } from 'angular2-elastic';

imports: [ IonicModule.forRoot(MyApp), Elastic ],

then in template.html
<ion-textarea fz-elastic></ion-textarea>