Text editing below the fold (ios)


I have a slide box, that has forms. When the user completes a section of the form, I unhide the next slide, then move to the next slide. That was the easy part.

There is one form (payment form) that has a text field under the keyboard. When I begin to type, the page scrolls to the correct input field, but the text doesn’t appear until I dismiss the keyboard.

If that weren’t screwy enough, when I go to the next page, the page shrinks, as though the keyboard is there, when it isn’t. I need to click on a text field, then dismiss the keyboard again. That’s when the form goes back to full screen.

I don’t even know where to start looking to fix this. It works on Android (video here), but doesn’t seem to want to behave on ios. Any help/direction would be greatly appreciated.

The app is currently in iTunes, with the bug and all. So if you want to see it in full effect, feel free to grab it. The credit card API is turned off currently, so put in a fake number when you test. It’ll still move you along in the setup process.


Update: I realized that there wasn’t a reference to the ionic keyboard in config.xml. Seems to behaving a little better, but still a little buggy.