Text area in ionic chat app

Hi guys!
I fell for the ionic chat app and I’m keen to try my own stuff with it.
The question I have is:
Is it possible to have a text input field of variable height? So that the text is wrapped in the input field and the footer increases in size when a line break occurs.
Would be nice to see this feature implemented. Any easy solution to this?

I also have this problem and finally was solved
Now I am using this phonegap plugin

Sorry for my bad english
Hope you help

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Christmas present: Resizable textarea in a footer. How to adapt the footer height? :wink:

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that solution works quite nice! Thank you very much for linking this to me!
However, when the footer bar size increases, the ionContent size is not adjusted, and you can scroll “into” the footer bar. You can test this in the codepen as well.

Edit: added a solution to the original thread

You need to see this template my friend! :smiley: http://market.ionic.io/plugins/ionic-elastichat-images