Testing that an IonRadio component is clicked

I’m currently trying to test a component that requires the user to click on an IonRadio input.

            onIonChange={(e) => setSelected(e.detail.value)}
              <IonLabel>Boosted and Auto-Assign first</IonLabel>
              <IonRadio title="normal" slot="start" value="" />

              <IonLabel>Closest to you</IonLabel>
              <IonRadio title="distance" slot="start" value="Distance" />

I followed this official article to set my tests up.

This is my setupTests.ts

import { mockIonicReact } from '@ionic/react-test-utils';


However, no matter what I try my test is failing:

import React from 'react';
import { fireEvent, render } from '@testing-library/react';
import { ionFireEvent } from '@ionic/react-test-utils';
import Component from './index';

const setup = async () => {
  const utils = render(
      <Component />

  const normal = await utils.findByTitle('normal');
  const distance = await utils.findByTitle('distance');

  return {

describe('Shift list sorting', () => {
  it('can select other options', async () => {
    const { distance} = await setup();


    expect(distance).toHaveAttribute('aria-checked', 'true');

Results in

How can I test my component? Is the info in the article not relevant anymore?