Testing ionic2 app with cordova plugins

Hi all,

Sine we are using somes custome plugins for our app that we have to lunch at starting, we can not use cordova plugin with ionic serve.
(See https://github.com/driftyco/ionic-cli/issues/354 for more details)

But how must work testing ?
Where can I found complete documentation on how to test?
Is it possible that is not possible to lunch some brower (PhantomJS, …) for the same reason ?


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I have the exact same question:
I’m using ionic 1 but whatever, the thing is the initialization of my application is conditioned by a plugin and this does not go very well in PhantomJS…
Are there any good practices to set up tests for an ionic app that uses cordova plugins?
I did not find a lot of useful stuff on the web till now…

Did you find by any chance something?

Thanks by advance!