Test app with appium and protractor

Hi everyone!

Someone managed to test ionic application with appium on real devices / emulators?
Maybe someone has a starter repo with config example or some not outdated guide?
I will be glad to any help.

What I already tried:

  1. Oficial appium android tutorial - all works, but this is not for hybrid app

  2. hybrid-application-testing-with-protractor-and-appium - application launched within appium on device, but tests didn’t start at all. And terminal window where I launch tests just freeze.

  3. Protractor mobile-setup - launches tests in device browser, not in application. Also throws an error for chrome driver version missmatch (but I already have latest version)

  4. ionic-appium-protractor-example and it’s fork - an outdated example that not worked now (I don’t know what version of ionic cli will work with this project)

  5. setting-up-appium-with-ionic-app an outdated article

  6. end-to-end-testing-an-ionic-application-with-appium-and-protractor - an outdated article based on repo from 4


I fully agree with this question. We currently have a quite extensive protractor test suites that runs in Chrome. We would really like to run it on real devices and/or emulators!

Also thank you very much for following all these guides and reporting back that they do not work. It saved me loads of time!

Can anyone please share resources links to actually run E2E tests written using Protractor for hybrid app created using Ionic 3 for Android ?

Please please please !

I have written a blog post for doing the same. Let me know if it helps you.

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