Tasks in Gulpfile.js from ionic starter apps

What are these task used for in the starter apps? (found in the gulpfile.js)
Cant find any docs or comments about it… Does the ionic CLI need it for updates or something? or could I remove it if Im not going to use it myself?

gulp.task('install', ['git-check'], function() {
  return bower.commands.install()
    .on('log', function(data) {
      gutil.log('bower', gutil.colors.cyan(data.id), data.message);

gulp.task('git-check', function(done) {
  if (!sh.which('git')) {
      '  ' + gutil.colors.red('Git is not installed.'),
      '\n  Git, the version control system, is required to download Ionic.',
      '\n  Download git here:', gutil.colors.cyan('http://git-scm.com/downloads') + '.',
      '\n  Once git is installed, run \'' + gutil.colors.cyan('gulp install') + '\' again.'