Target browser ( desktop ) through scss?

Hey guys just wondering if there is any easy way to target desktop browser through scss.

Essentially I was looking into a class that might be added to the app root similar to “md” and “ios”. It would be really great if they had let’s say a “browser” css class for non mobile stuff.

What I have found is “platform-core” class is applied for desktop browser on app root, but some research has lead me to believe this would not be a reliable way of targeting browser.

Thanks for any help in advance!


  private getPlatformInfo() {

    if (isDebugMode) {

      if ('mobileweb') ||'core')) {'The Application is running in a browser');
      } else {'The Application is running on a device');

      if ('ios')) {'The Platform is iOS');
      } else if ('android')) {'The Platform is Android');
      } else if ('windows')) {'The Platform is Windows');

If you know that the App is running in a ‘browser’ then you can set your theme accordingly:

<ion-nav main [root]="rootPage" #content swipeBackEnabled="false" [class]="theme"></ion-nav>

For example:

  public toggleTheme() {

    if (this.theme === 'facebook-messenger-theme') {
      this.theme = 'green-and-blue-theme';
    } else {
      this.theme = 'facebook-messenger-theme';