Tabsicon active color


I try to edit the color of the tabicon when it is active. It standard uses the primary color but i want to assign my own color to it. It is preferred to change it in the .scss file because it must be possible to change it during the app.
Anybody has the class for .cscc or another method for changing the color? The color of the icon will be decided by a string that takes it information from a service who get’s the value from the storage.

Thanks in advance.


Right Click over the element and choose inspect. Scroll through the applied styles to see where it is coming from.

I am also have a trouble seeing styles coming from the main.css build that are no where to be found in my .scss files.

I am assuming there are a lot of defaults coming from Ionic somewhere.

I tried to do it with expect but couldn’t find it for the active one’s. The only things that change are ng-reflect-is-active from false to true and the button-effect class.
I already added my color to it without succes. The other one for the button itself is icon class. If I change the color there it changes for the whole button and not only when it is active.