Tabs TabTitle not translate

The translation of pipe {{tab1.title | translate}} tabs tabtitle does not know what I’m doing wrong?

Ion-tab [root] = “tab1Root” tabTitle = “{{tab1.title | translate}}” tabIcon = “calendar”> </ ion-tab>

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Does tab1.title has a value? When you try without translation pipe does it display the variable value?

Sorry can you please show an sample ?

I mean:

Ion-tab [root] = "tab1Root" tabTitle = "tab1.title" tabIcon = "calendar"> 

then do you see a title displayed when you test? just to know if the problem is the tab1.title variable or a translation problem…

I fix this problem you must by tabTitle one space before translation placed, then translate pipe correct.
my correct running sample
ion-tab tabIcon=“medkit” tabTitle=" {{ ‘SHARED.TABS_TAB_2_TITLE’ | translate }}" [root]=“tab2Root”></ion-tab


Related issue:

thanks, the tips save my hour :smiley:

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Nice. It really worked.

damn, dont believe it!! thank yoou so much!