Tabs not working properly

Hi ,
I am creating ionic app in that tabs not working properly my tabs always stay in homePage even i push in to another page see below my code and pls help me

<ion-tab [root]=“homePage” tabTitle=“Create Order” tabIcon=“ios-copy”>
<ion-tab [root]=“dashboardPage” tabTitle=“Category” tabIcon=“apps”>
<ion-tab [root]=“SummaryPage” tabTitle=“Summary” tabIcon=“paper”>

selector: ‘page-tabs’,
templateUrl: ‘tabs.html’,
export class TabsPage {
homePage = HomePage;
dashboardPage = DashboardPage;
SummaryPage = SummaryPage;

constructor(public navCtrl: NavController, public navParams: NavParams) {

Are you getting any error in console while clicking on the tabs?

No i didn’t get any error it move to next page but tab icon below is didn’t change