Tabs in v4 beta

Ionic beta with angular routing.
I have a very simple use case, and i think there is a very simple solution which i can not think of

  1. created tabbed application for ionic v4 beta
  2. in tab one, i have two views: lets say list and detail, with urls as /tab/(one:list) and /tab/(one:detail).
  3. there is tab 2 and tab 3 as well.
    now if i browsed to detail in tab one, then clicked on tab2, and then click back on tab1, view goes back to /tab/(one:list)
    as in tabs.html i’ve (notice the href element)
 <ion-tab label="tab1" href="/tabs/(one:list)">
    <ion-router-outlet name="one"></ion-router-outlet>

Question is, what should i have as href, to retain view /tab/(one:detail) in tab1?

Thanks in advance,