Tabs-icon-top label is left-aligned after tap

When running on my Motorola Razr, the label of the tab becomes left-aligned. This is because the browser version of my device? Is there any way to fix this?

The screenshot:

What android version do you have?

My android version is 4.1.2

Hmm could you provide a sample codepen of what you have?

It’s odd because the third tab is aligned correctly

Occurs even if I just start the project with the layout tabs. In addition, the side menu does not fill the entire screen, but I managed to solve it by applying a block display the list item.

Can you provide a sample codepen demo that has the same markup as your tabs?
I can load it on a phone and see if I can replicate the issue.

Are you applying any custom css?

I have the same problem and other related things. All elements are moved to left are <ion-nav-view> seems to be reduced. See pictures.

This first happened into my project, but just for testing, i made a build using the “tabs” examples without touching any line of code.

I’m really concerned about this. I’m very close to release my app and finding this is really scared. I don’t know on which other devices could this be happening.

If you need any more details or test something, please let me know asap.


System version

Model Number

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hudsoncm@il93Inxdroid48) )
2 SMP PREEMPT Wed Feb 6 10:33:18 CST

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Wed Feb 6 09:30:27 CST 2013