Tabs header (title + icons) styles not applied properly

I’m aware there have been issues highlighted about tabs active icons lately and this could be an extension.
Let me point out beforehand that the issue apparently only comes out when opening the app through an android mobile device’s browser (chrome) and not otherwise (not even when simulating the same android device with the desktop chrome’s developer tools).
I have a “first login, then tabs” structure similar to this.
After logging in the state is updated to match the main tabs one through $state.go() then the issue: the tab’s title (defined in the <ion-nav-title>) is not rendered properly (the font style is wrong) and the initial tab’s icon has not the active state one although the current tab stripe is placed below it.

I’ll provide some more information which may help to match the problem to the framework’s internal calls and cycles.
If I switch to another tab, this one has correctly both the stripe and the icon active state, and if I switch back to the previous one now it has both them too. However the wrong title font style persists when navigating through tabs, even if this implies a title change. The only way to see the title render properly is to make a further step down to a tab’s child state. When doing this, the title is initially wrong than it flickers and the correct style is applied.
I’ve tried to make a little of debugging the code seems to work fine (e.g. the active state is correctly assigned to the icon in the markup within the ng-if directive)
It’s pretty difficult to isolate it but if required I’ll try to put a ample online later.

this is what you want ?

<ion-tabs class="tabs-top tabs-icon-left tabs-background-positive tabs-color-light">