Tabs for v4

Hey there,

i want to make a design like that.


but i cant the put the LOGO on the center like on the pic. and i cant put tabs in ionic 4. can you please help me about that?


if you start with the tabs template, modify the ion-tabs and add a FAB for the center button as follows:

    <ion-tab-bar slot="bottom" color="primary">
      <ion-tab-button tab="tab1">
        <ion-icon name="perosn"></ion-icon>

      <!-- Placeholder tab for custom center FAB -->

      <ion-tab-button tab="tab2">
        <ion-icon name="more"></ion-icon>

<ion-fab horizontal="center" vertical="bottom" edge>
      <ion-icon color="primary" name="aperture"></ion-icon>

Then add some styling to the tabs.scss file:

ion-fab {
    bottom: 28px;

    ion-fab-button {
        --box-shadow: none;

Hope this is helpful!

no not working. tabs are so difficult in ionic 4.

thats weird. is your package.json up to date? what exactly isnt working?
here is what i was able to achieve with the code i posted, you would just have to change the icon in the FAB to your custom icon:

thx for interest. i have solved. thank you again.