Tabpage showing blank screen

Greetings to you all
Ran into a problem when I try to test my app on Android emulator via menu player
The problem is that when I first open the app it will show the welcome page that contains a slide then clicking on the start button opens the login page but after login was successful I made a redirect to the homepage which contains tabs but instead of the homepage showing the tabs the page turn out to be blank only showing just the ion-header without icon also if I try to open other pages after the of the homepage all of them will be blank with only their ion-header element showing
But on chrome everything is working as expected but not on the Android emulator
Please what can be the issue because I used navigateRoot() for the navigation to the homepage that contains the tab

Virtually all of the “blank screen” threads here are caused by uncaught exceptions. Attach a debugger and look at the JavaScript console for error messages.

The pages are showing on the chrome debugging tool but not on the Android emulator