Table with vertical and horizontal scroll


I need to add a table with vertical and horizontal scroll (with fixed header at a top) to my app. Can you share an example on how this can be done with Ionic?


@alextrs there you go:


Hi @meni,

Thank you for suggestion, but I need to have header always at the top. How would you keep header at the top while scrolling vertically and scroll header with rows while scrolling horizontally?

@alextrs, i found some samples when searching this requirement: - a sample from this post:

Is that waht you meant?

Did you find a solution to this?

Not really, we ended up building our own using ion-scroll panels

P.S. We found many examples, but most of them didn’t work reliably on mobile devices (the best one was UI Grid, but it creates ~500 watches per grid and in our case, when we need to have up to 20 grids in the same view, it kills performance)

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