Table Structure in Ionic 2

Hey Guys ,

Theres one table structure in my page wherein all the records of employees are being generated. name , emp no etc I have used ion-grid ion-row and ion-col for that.

But when i Resize my browser window , the columns being responsive start shrinking. But , since there are more columns in my table , ultimately the data is not readable and displayed properly.

What is the possible solution to show the table ?

P.S. Desktop Application in Ionic 2, Should be Responsive after resizing the browser.

have u used tags or

tags for constructing a table.

have u used ion-row and ion-col tagsā€¦or td tr tags for table construction

Hi, @palavisatpute

could you try Grid


Hi ,
I have used ion-grid ion-row ion-col tags for creating the table structure.

I have used ion grid for the same.