Tab menu with 9 options / two rows of tabs possible?

In creating a tabbed menu at the bottom I can fit 5 tabs - the last of which says “more” which fills the view with the remaining top level menu options in a simple list…

Is it possible to have a second set of tabs appear above the first one? I could not find any example by searching the docs and codepen examples. Although I did find this Hidden Tabs but not sure if it is what I need?

This app does this very nicely, with “more” showing two additional rows (I only need one and it can appear above the current tab) and the “more” changes to “less” to dismiss the extra tabs. Also, it is in an overlay to the current view.

Can something like this be done with Ionic? Or an alternative solution to mimic this?

Thanks in advance.

Use twice and the tab-bars will stack separate your buttons in the way you want. So some of them are on top and some of them are below the first row :wink:

Hadn’t seen this is for ionic 1 my answer is for ionic 4