Tab is shown in the top : Cant control it : Please help


Im just starting with Ionic . I cant handle where the tabs are being positioned . Its by default positioned at the top . How can i control it ? I want to place it at the bottom .


Are you saying that the tab bar is at the top of the screen? Or that the icon is on the top?

I don’t know of any way the tabs could be on top. If the icon is on top, you can change that by adjusting the tabs-type.

Options are :

  • tabs-icon-top
  • tabs-icon-bottom
  • tabs-icon-left
  • tabs-icon-right
  • tabs-icon-only


I had placed content tag inside ng-view : Hope that was the problem .

content padding=“true”>
//the tab was printed here: with tabs at the top :

I removed the content and it was okay : Thank you ,…