Tab bar is not able to add in new page

As i’m using lastet ionic v5 and angular.
i have started app with default tabs using below command

ionic start myApp tabs --capacitor

What i’m trying to do here is to add tab bar to newly created page. using below command

ionic generate page about

i also add the about page in Routes in tab-routing.module.ts like below

const routes: Routes = [
    path: 'tabs',
    component: TabsPage,
    children: [
        path: 'about',
        loadChildren: () => import('../about/about.module').then(m => m.AboutPageModule)

when i navigate to “about page”, page doesnt contain the tabs in bottom.

this.navCtrl.navigateForward(['/about'], {});

Can please help me to resolve this. How to achive tab in newly creating page.
Thank you

As of Ionic v4/5, routing is no longer by the navController.

Try using standard Angular routing
Angular Docs - Router Guide

ok, but how to include tab in the about page.

Every thing was correct but i missed naviagtion URL, which sholud be like this ‘tabs/about’. if i provide ‘about’ then i dont see the tab. :smiley: