Tab app to open single page (no tabs)

I’ve seen a demo with a single page login (no tabs) to navigate to a tab screens, but I don’t see any demos with tabs screen navigating to a single page (no tabs).

I’ve tried messing around with for a hour and couldn’t figure out. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the url. Have any created an app with tabs and navigate to a full screen (without tabs)? The reason why I want certain screens to be full size is because certain pages will have alot of content and tabar is not necessary.

The below code probably doesn’t help much, but if you can show me a example…it will be very helpful. Thanks.

.state('', {
  url: '/tab/chat/new-page',
  templateUrl: 'templates/new-page.html',
  controller: 'ChatCtrl'

Nevermind…I figured it out. The .state(‘’) can’t have a period. I believe the period is only use when the screen should be part of a tab bar.