Tab file errors

Hello all,
I am a newbie in Ionic.
I am taking course Ionic 4 Ess Training in LinkedIn Learning. I am using Ionic 5 and Visual Studio Code . I am stuck with in file where I received 3 errors. As far as I see I have all code as per the video. The errors are in the attached files. Probably I miss something but I don’t know what is it. I will be very glad and thankful for any support.
Thank you in advance.Error 1

Error 2

Error 3

Hi @teodorsotirov welcome to the community!
Try to put the content of the line 15 between the brackets of the constructor.

construtor(activitySrvice: ActivityService){
      this.activityList = activityService.getAllActivites();

Be careful with the correct declaration and writing.

@TomCosta, thank you very much. It;s ok now.

@baifeng, thank you very much.