Sync Phonegap Sqlite DB to MYSQL

How to sync phonegap sqlite DB (Cordova-SQLitePlugin) to mysql DB. Is there any plugin to do that ?.
I want add sync system to a cordova app which will works exactly same as dropbox… If a table in mysql is changed then the table of sqlite will be automatically changed.


I’m looking for this kind of plugin too !

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You found some way to make synchronous running ? between SQLite and MySQL ?

Has there been any solution to this?

Did anyone find solution…

did u find any solution…

You can’t do it automatically. You need to manage data change/update on mysql (maybe with adding a column with timestamp or changed flag) and when your app check your mysql db, the answer depends on timestamp of the rows (or your app check periodically your mysql by restful api call).

Not so simple but not impossible…