Switch two images by gender

I need to set two images by gender to tag

here is my html code

<img [src]="imgpath" >

and here is my method to switch between images in ts file

export class StdntprofilePage {




but each and every time im getting userboy picture.
how to slove that???

im getting these data from firebase and gender is correctly shown inside other places but here i can’t change the picture.

can anyone help me??

I’m surprised this even compiled.

if () {
else () {

does not look like syntactically valid JavaScript to me. I’m also confused by the naming of the function togglepic. I would expect a function called that to switch the picture from one of two states to the other, and if I called it twice it would undo itself. I would call it something like avatarFromGender() instead.

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Look the else. You need store url on imgpath variable, not gender variable.

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ah that was a mistake n i corrected it after posting this.no luck

You need to show us the latest code you are using. Basically you’ve two errors in your code, one is a syntax error and the other logical.

This has syntax error as hinted by @rapropos. It should be else if (this.gender=="girl")

This has the logical error as pointed out by @rtalexk. It should be this.imgpath = "./assets/img/usergirl.png";

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There is also the issue of what happens if gender is neither boy nor girl, and I suppose it could be considered poetic that this code silently gives such people no avatar at all.