Swiper buttons don't work after update to Ionic v5

I just updated to Ionic V5 and fixed some small issues, but now there is one last issue I just can’t get fixed. I have a slider with two pages and four images each. On page 1 there is a “Next” button and on page 2 there is a “Back” button to slide the pages on a button press, which is needed for desktop use. It worked well in Ionic V4 but not anymore in V5. It always works the first time I visit the page with the slider but when I visit it again, it stops working and doesn’t give any console output. What I noticed in the Chrome developer tools is that there are two more classes on the element “<ion-slides>” when it works and after opening the site again these aren’t there anymore. The classes are called “swiper-container-horizontal” and “swiper-container-initialized”. Is this a bug? Maybe related to lazy loading as it works after first loading the page? I can’t figure it out.
I hope someone can help :slight_smile: