Swipe event over inputs

Hi all,
do you have any idea why I can`t on android use swipe event over text inputs and ion-list element?

On iOS it works perfectly…

Thanks for any advice.

Yep look like you are not the only one, same here, look like swipe event isn’t triggered on ion-input inside an ion-list. Tested on LG Nexus 5X / Android 7.1.2 / No Crosswalk.

I’ve got something like

<div (swipe)="swipe($event)">
     <ion-item>Something</ion-item> <!-- Swipe ok -->
         <ion-input></ion-input> <!-- Nope no swipe -->

Yep. But it is not working even <ion-input> is alone inside <div> with swipe event. Also it do not work if in <ion-list> is <ion-radio> or <ion-checkbox>

Did you found a related issue in the Ionic Github?

If no and if someone else confirm the problem, maybe it’s a bug?

Probably it is a bug…

If there isn’t any issue yet, could you create one?
could you maybe also provide a minimal repo with the issue to reproduce the issue?