Hi all,

It’s now two days I’ve been trying to incorporate the swipe-cards demo into, for example, ionic-starter-sidemenu, but with no success. According to the README of the swipe-cards demo, using it should be straightforward but I am not able to swipe the cards within a template such as browse.html in sidemenu (and not in the index.html as in the demo).
PLZ, could anyone try it out? I am probably doing some very trivial error and should be a matter of two seconds.


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Could you post a codepen?

Since I have basically extended the ionic-starter-sidemenu project, it seemed to me easier to push on github (here) the whole project. The swipe-cards directive is called in browse.html, but with no effects.


So, that’s the best i can get: codepen

Hey sorry for the wait, but I think I got it resolved.

What I did was on the side-menu-content, I disabled the dragging. It was allowing someone to trigger a card being swiped when trying to open a menu.

<ion-side-menu-content  drag-content="false">

The second thing is to disable the scroll on the content directive with the cards. This will further protect against any unwanted touch events.

 <ion-content class="has-header" scroll="false">

How does this work for you?


It works indeed, thanks a lot!

Sorry to dig this thread up, but I have a supplementary questions…

I have a view with left and right side menus, this thread just helped me turn off the dragging on content so the menus don’t open/close if I’m doing swipe on the content, what I want to know is:

Is it possible to turn off drag on the content only, not the header?

I also have a view with a left menu and a list with hidden item options, so my second question is:

Is it possible to turn off drag programmatically if a list item has been dragged to the left to reveal options, and the turn it back on once a list item is closed, that way you don’t get the “list item closes and left menu opens” problem.

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