Swipe back in a navigation inside a modal not working

I have a modal with its own navigation (it guides the user through a lot of views/steps), but when I try to swipe back (using iOS, as the native behavior should be) it does not go back to the previous page. The other views (from the app, not the modal or its sub pages) are working fine when swiping back. I already tried adding swipeBackEnabled=“true” to the ion-nav html component but it doesn’t work either. Any ideas?

** UPDATE **
I had to detect a “swipe to right” event and call a function that does a navCtrl.pop(), but this is not the best solution and does not have the same behavior as the navigation swipe back gesture (which allows you to hold the swipe and change its direction until you release the finger). So, again, if anyone knows a way to implement the navigation swipe back function within a modal would be great