Swipe a view to show another one in the background



My starting point is two views: an introductory view to my app which gives you a brief information and home view, a simple menu with 3 options.

At the moment, to transition from one to another you must swipe the first one to the right (I hacked this directive by @Calendee). Once the swipe has been finished, it navigates to the next view like if you pushed a button.

The problem is that I want this first view to be on top of the home view, and as you swipe you can see the home view on the background. You don’t need to finish the swipe to see that there is something in the background and it gives a better experience to the user.

Any idea on how can I implement this on my Ionic app?

Thank you in advance!


You’re looking for something very much like the “Back” functionality in iOS. Right now, Ionic does not support this.


Thanks for answer!

Hmm… I guess the only way to do some similar effect would be moving a container with a higher z-index while the user is swiping to a side. Everything happening in the same controller/view. Right?