SVG in ionic2


I am using an angular module called “angular-svg-round-progressbar” ( and it works great on the chrome browser.

My question is, does the ionic2 platform support SVG? Running ionic serve and testing the module in many browsers including chrome, firefox and safari all work and these browsers all support SVG; so I am lead to believe that ionic2 just doesn’t support SVG. Could someone please confirm or maybe clarify if I am wrong. Thank you.

Hi @fujipug, Ionic definitely supports SVG. You can even use their own svg icon library which you can find over here . The lib you’re referencing to is actually for Ionic 1, so if you try to use it with Ionic 2 it won’t work :-).

Hi @luukschoen,

Thank you for clarifying. Although the lib I am using is for Ionic 1 I was under the impression that you could still use 3rd party libraries in ionic 2. I installed the lib and imported it to the page I am using in ionic 2; it actually does work but only when I run ionic serve on any browser. When I try to view the app using the Ionic View app that’s where it fails.

I am using this tutorial to include third party libraries in ionic 2: Ionic 2 and External Libraries

You can still use third party libraries in Ionic 2, but not ones that expect Angular1 to be there (as the one you are trying to use does).

Hi @rapropos and @luukschoen ,

Thank you for clarifying everything. Much appreciated.