Suggestions for improving current state android performance?


i know ionic team is working on it, but currently is there any good workaround for improving android performance? i find this stackoverflow interesting to post here:

seems crosswalk its a good way to do it… anyone has any experience with this, with appgyver , cacoonjs, and so on… will like to know about your experience…



I really think using Crosswalk ( with Cordova in Ionic can be the way to go on Android. All the updates the dev team is working on should be able to boost performance on Android quite a bit for sure, but the outdated WebView on Android sure is a problem. By using Crosswalk in the project we should be getting both better performance (faster JavaScript) and more freedom in terms of better support for HTML5 and so on. Crosswalk is a custom WebView using Chromium already compatible with Cordova. I hope the dev team will have a look into this! :smile:

Thanks for an awesome framework guys! Love seeing your latest work on beta 14 and Material Design for Angular 1.3! Ohh, yeah, one more thing about Material Design in Angular, will you include this in Ionic at any point? Bye!