Submit ionic app to iOS app store


I tried to upload my app in iOS App Store, but couldn’t upload and i received error as in the screenshot,kindly need advice on guide to upload.


Have you signed your app with a production mobile provision?

If it’s the case, then you probably have a #! in your code. In my case I remove the line #!/usr/bin/env node in hooks\after_prepare\010_add_platform_class.js and build has been executed successfully

Welcome to the Wonders of Apple. I had a hard time the first time I tried to do this.

After some failed attempts and googleing, I followed the steps in this guide:

It’s quite good. Might be a bit outdated now, but most of it should still apply. Good Luck!

Hi DFull and jonas,

Jonas,thanks alot for providing me guide to follow as baseline, and Dfull thank alot too, for showing the hint for this issue, and i successfully submit my app to iOS App Store.

Thanks alot again :smile: