Streaming Media Plugin Ionic 4

I am currently using the Streaming Media plugin in my Ionic 4 project. I have the latest Ionic version and latest version of the plugin but cannot seem to figure out how to make the background image show up in my app. Other than that everything about the plugin work fine. I was able to make this work with an Ionic 3 project. Here is what I would to do:

let options: StreamingAudioOptions = {
    bgImage: "../../assets/imgs/myImage.png", // path to my image within assets folder
    bgImageScale: "fit", // other valid values: "stretch", "aspectStretch"
this.streamingMedia.playVideo(audioUrl, options);

My result is that the native audio player with come up with a black screen and the audio will start to play. My image does not show up.

I would like my image to come from assets, but I also tried this from http url and still had no success.
Can anyone help me with this or provide a different solution?