Store more than one value on a key or specify a key for the foreach not fetch the data

is it possible to store more than one value in a single key? if possible, how do I get all these values? is it also possible to specify a key for the foreach not fetching the data?

I have this code on my provider:

public getAll () {
let AnimeList = [];

return ((value: any, key: string, itrationNumber: Number) => {

try {
this.anime = JSON.parse (value);
} catch {error} {
console.log (error);

AnimeList.push (this.anime);
.then (() => {
return Promise.resolve (AnimeList);
}). catch ((error) => {
return Promise.reject (error);

and the one on my page:
this.favoritosProvider.getAll ()
.then (results => {
this.animes = results;


{{animes [0] .name}}

{{animes [0] .dubouleg}}

but I need you to not show me the results of a certain key