Storage not persistent using ionic storage

I am attempting to utilize the Ionic Storage library to keep track of settings for my app. However, I am having an issue where each time the app is restarted, the storage is wiped. At least, it appears that way.

I’m storing the data:'language', 'es');

and attempting to retrieve:'language').then((val) => {
      this.mylang = val;
    }).catch((errorGet: any) => {

Retrieving the data works if I don’t quit the app. But if I quit and re-open, the data is gone. It is using SQLite as far as I can tell (per debug messages in XCode when building & testing there).

Are you certain that you’re waiting for Storage to be ready before attempting to interact with it?

Thanks rapropos. Turned out to be an issue with the promise, i got it now.