Storage module in ionic

Hello Everyone,
I am studying about the storage module available in ionic and don’t understand the driver mechanism. I have the following queries:

1. What is driver in storage module
2. what does it mean by sequence of drivers
3. Is SQLite available in browser if yes how can I see it

So in short:

  • Ionic Storage is based on localForage library -
  • drivers precedence order means that the library will try to use a driver in that order if available and falls back to the next one in order.
  • SQLite is NOT available if your app is pure web app like PWA (you can rely on indexedDB or WebSQL etc). If your app has iOS or Android as target SQLite can be used by your app in that scenario.

Thanks @morphist,
My target is to deploy the application on both web and mobile platform. Now when I make the driver sequence like [‘sqlite’,‘indexeddb’,‘websql’] and running it in browser (ionic-lab) then application is not working but as you said it moves forward if driver is not found. So can you please suggest what can be the issue as I want to deploy the application for both the platform how can I resolve this.