Still not possible to make a basic chat screen?

As per the attached I can find no way in ionic 3 to get the keyboard to stay up between sending messages.

Can anyone help me on this? I imagine that some ionic 2/3 apps must be facing similar issues with chat.


Are you using the native keyboard plugin?

Yes, certainly am.

@mhartington - any update on this issue please Mike?

Did you read the post from edgebal over here?


As a post-mortem note (this issue’s page keep appearing first on Google):

If you want to keep the keyboard open when user clicks a button (i.e on a “Send” or “Search” button), you should use (mousedown)=“something(); $event.preventDefault()” on that button. This will prevent the input from losing focus and the keyboard closing.

This way was successfully tested on Ionic2.

This does not work fully, in the way a basic chat app should work like what’s app, as I have been documenting for the last 6 months.

Is there a issue on the repositories this concerns which describes the missing functionality?

There is no issue at the moment but I can create one if that would help?

If there is no issue, nothing is broken or not working as expected, so nothing can be done to be fix this nonexisting problem.

All the informations is detailed here: already, as you can see the issue has been outstanding for a very long time, with the only advice to buy a cordova plugin that costs $199.

That is not an issue but a comment to an issue. It also contains three different “problems” (all of which are not identical to the source issue you hijacked). This is not how Open Source software can work. If you want to have any chance to get this fixed by someone create one issue per problem, use the issue template to describe the “problem” and make sure that it contains all information.

Of course all information might be there. But it is not presented in a way a developer can work on by reading it, then open some code and change some things. This is just the start of a much longer journey - and I understand noboy is willing to go on that.


And someone posted this repo for you:

Did you tried this repo?

Have you read the whole post? and the corresponding one here that I mentioned - all the necessary information is there for any competent developer to understand. If youre saying that your devs will not be able to understand the information that I have presented then… well its time to give up on ionic for me

when i was discussing this issue 6 months ago with @mhartington he seems to understand it.

Unfortunately this does not solve the issues i have mentioned and is ionic 1 based, not ionic 2 based.

If the guy’s selling a solution for $199, maybe the problem is really hard. I’m tempted to buy that keyboard, to be honest. For $200 I avoid a headache that would take me lots of time to deal with.

Maybe in a small way this is driftyco’s fault, for marketing Ionic as “Wordpress for Devices.” Then people think Ionic is as easy to use as Wordpress. That hasn’t been my experience though. I’ve found this material to be extremely difficult.

I am a community member and moderator here, nothing else.

You are obviously not really interested in solving this problem in the way problems are solved in free Open Source libraries, so I will now just leave this conversation. Good luck with your app.


What more do you want, me to come over, give you a footbath and a beer and explain the isssue to you in a tux? if what you are saying is correct why did @mhartington reply to my previous posts positively?

Oh wow. You’re coming over here for help. Maybe there’s a good reason you aren’t getting any. Nobody’s benefitting from your frustration over here.

Nobody’s saying there isn’t a real issue, in fact: there are several. Which may or not needed to be addressed. But if you want to expedite things, you should chime in yourself. If you’re not willing to, feel free to move on to another framework. If I’ll ever found a solution for this problem I’ll post it over here. Good luck.

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thank you @luukschoen - I’m really pleased to hear the first recent acknowledgement of my issue, which do need to be solved, if ionic wants to stand a chance of offering native like chat functionality.

I’m willing to chime in of course, just don’t know what more I can provide at this stage, because I have provided a lot of info and examples and most of the posts back are to discuss matters that are not related to the crux of the issue. Very happy to be involved in the conversation of course.

Where and how should I chime in?

Sounds as though what’s needed here is improvement of the native keyboard plugin.