Steps to set up SQLite database for local using capacitor

I am using to ionic framework for chat application with angular, I want to implement storage in my capacitor application . For the same I want to set up SQLite database for my capacitor project. the purpose of using SQLite is so that I can store data in SQLite database after fetching it from server ,so that I can get data even if server does not respond or to store previous chat data even when we are offline.
I also wanted to know , I am using mongo DB in backend and the primary database model for SQLite is Relational DBMS. so how all this works? Or should I use NoSQL PouchDB database?

I am hardly able to find any solution for this. Can any one please guide me with all the steps required to set up SQLite for capacitor project.

You can look at the community plugin for SQLite - GitHub - capacitor-community/sqlite: Community plugin for native & electron SQLite databases

It’s really up to you if you want to use a relational DB or NoSQL.

For the basic CRUD operations for SQLITE you can refer the tutorial
///Ionic 7 : SQLite CRUD in Ionic Capacitor angular app - YouTube