Stencil build started to generate components with _2 prefix at the end of the component name

Probably there is a specific reason I just miss, when I launch the build command everything is build without errors.

Some of the components are named different, probably depending by some reason i ignore:

Maybe it’s just a coincidence but some they are just component included in other components:

Since I import esm module of mds-icon.entry in storybook sice it’s expects a configuration, it breaks the build since it can’t find it anymore.

If I check the dist/components folder, I see these files are split in two, mds-icon.js basically just imports mds-icon2.js where is stored the component’s code.

The question is: why?

If this an expected behaviour, why just some component is handled like this?

Can I control this in some way, maybe from rollup config inside stencil config?