Status bar not working in ionic 3

I am newbie in IONIC 3, I just want to implement status bar to my app. I tried following methods.

import { App, Nav, Platform, Events, AlertController } from ‘ionic-angular’;
import { StatusBar } from ‘@ionic-native/status-bar’;

constructor(public events: Events, public platform: Platform, publicstatusBar: StatusBar) {



and Changed in index.html page as solution mentioned in this link

and also mentioned in config.xml page like this

What might be the issue? Please help me.

There are no links in the question.

Its okay, Thanks for the reply.
I have resolve the issue by updating the status bar plugin and added this.statusBar.styleLightContent().
Its working fine now.

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glad you solved :slight_smile:
have a good day

What did you update in plugin ?

Just removed the plugin and gave cordova clean command and installed the plugin again.

You helped me to avoid more waste of time looking for a solution to the same problem. Thanks a lot!!