Static Components - Events

I understand that Ionic caches alot of components (in this case Angular) for performance, but if I have child components in a static layout (like a long form), the lifecycle events such as ngInit and ngDestroy will only fire once for a child component. So if I load that record a second time, it is using cached data and components. Since these are child components, the ionic lifecycle event don’t fire at all.

There are some use cases where you want those child components angular lifecycle hooks to fire each time the form is loaded. For the parent component, the solution is to use the ionic lifecycle events, but my knowledge, nothing exists for the child components. This seems like an oversight and almost a dealbreaker to use the framework if you use many child components on a static parent component

I really do like the framework and have build many applications with it. Is there any solution planned (or maybe a solution is in place and I am complaining about nothing) about adding ionic lifecycle events of some sort to child components or allowing angular lifecycle events to fire on child components each time and bypass the caching? I know one potential work around is to use the ngDoCheck, but that seems very expensive as you change one value, the check runs on each instance of the child component in the parent component

Thanks and keep up the great work

Can you give an example of a use case that isn’t covered here?