$state.go($state.current, {}, {reload: true}); makes my header disappear

when I call $state.go($state.current, {}, {reload: true}); in my controller my header disappears

if I comment this out, the header does not disappear, but then I don’t have the desired affect of my view updating

its not hidden, its completely removed from the DOM

the code below is a function that uses a cordova plugin to invoke a native sdk, after the sdk completes, it returns to the javascript layer, the header is there then when it hits $state.go($state.current, {}, {reload: true}); the header goes away

checkout the stackoverflow I made for it, I can’t format the code properly in this forum for some reason

looks like reloading the state is causing my controller to run twice, and that is causing the header to go away. anyone know how I can keep $state reload to not run my controller twice?

the state-reload option does not load the controller twice. maybe you have some issues with your state-definition so your controller is used twice?