State change bug in iOS

Hello guys. Got this strange bug during testing our application on iOS. I couldn’t see any signs of that behavior on Android. Here you can see video of it. The code is pretty simple, just a $state.go function. Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks!

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ios9 has a bug in its uiWebView. window.location does not work as expected so you need to apply a patch (external module) to your app:

Hey @bengtler

Im currently working on this bug too… my question is since it says "Newer versions of Angular

  • have the workaround baked in."

which angular version is ionic using right now? how can I find it out?
I updated my Ionic via CLI, if Ionic has a newer Angular version is it enough if I rebuild my app and just reupload it without the patch?

thanks for your help.

it is angularjs 1.4.3

–> you can check the sources of each ionic release here:

Okay thank you!

Just to understand, lets say if Ionic had angularjs 1.4.6 could I just rebuild myapp and it would be good?

If the comment in the patch is correct.
try it :wink:

Thanks man, just missed it!

btw you can use the new ionic framework version 1.1.1 (there are all ios9 fixes included)